Communication training for employees in HRM departments in Public Administration bodies

December 15, 2022

The importance of internal and external communication in the functioning of Human Resource Management departments in public administration bodies was the main topic of a two-day training for employees in these departments, organized during November by the Human Resource Management Service of the Government of the Republic of Serbia (SUK), EU-funded project "PAR Visibility and Communication" and GIZ.

62 participants from 30 public administration bodies, organized into 4 groups, went through this training held by experts of the EU-funded project "PAR Visibility and Communication".

The two-day program on the topic of internal and external communication for HRM departments consisted of 4 different but logically aligned modules. The program is designed as a combination of theory, discussion and practical exercises, and special emphasis is placed on applicability in everyday work and examples relevant to employees in these departments.

The first module "Management of Human Resources and internal communication" was aimed at standardization and systematic coordination of internal communication of the HR service in order to promote the state administration as a desirable employer. It included HR components, the importance of integration, the competencies of HR professionals, communication channels within a state body and conducting internal meetings.

The second module "Public Speaking for HR Managers" offered the participants to learn how to present content in the best verbal and non-verbal way to a narrow or wide audience. Special emphasis was placed on all the necessary steps in preparation for public appearance (with or without cameras and the media), how to make a statement or announcement as needed, as well as communication tools with media representatives.

The third module "Crisis communication for HR managers" imparted to the participants important knowledge about the role of human resources during a crisis, how to recognize a crisis situation in a timely manner and to learn the necessary steps to be taken before, during and after crisis communication. The practical work was devoted to discussion on potential crisis topics, creation of effective key messages intended for target groups and the importance of internal communication during a crisis.

The fourth module "Employer Promotion" was devoted to the basics of employer promotion and branding, trends in the world and in our country, various examples on traditional and digital media, with a special focus on employer branding in the public sector. The practical part covered a wide range of possible topics and adapting communication to target groups in the best way through internal and external communication channels.

The training was full of participants' interaction, with numerous questions and productive discussion, which speaks of their interest in these topics, as well as the importance of communication for their daily work.