About Project


The overall objectives

The overall objective of the assignment is to contribute to the Public Administration Reform of the Government of Serbia through implementation of the Sector Reform Contract, of which this contract is a part of, through strengthening national capacities to communicate the need for and the benefits of public administration reform.

The purpose of this contract is to support the Government of Serbia in pursuing visibility and communication actions related to the overall PAR and PFM reform agendas in general, and the Sector Reform Contract intervention in particular.

Results expected

    1. Comprehensive PAR communication and awareness raising framework operational through implementation of the Government's PAR communication strategy.

    2. Comprehensive public awareness raising campaign on benefits of the EU support to the PAR delivered.

    3. The Ministry of Public Administration and Local Self Government, Ministry of Finance and the relevant public bodies equipped with communication skills and modern communication techniques for communicating the PA reform policy objectives and achievements to the public.

    • Public Administration
    EuropeAid reference
    • Awareness and visibility of the PAR and PFM process
    • Awareness of EU support to the PAR process and benefits for the citizens which the PAR process brings within the EU integration process
    • Communication capacities of MPALSG, MoF and public administration bodies
    City / District
    EU Contribution
    3,789,710 €
    Negotiating chapter
    • 23 - Judiciary and fundamental rights
    Implementation period
    August 2018 - January 2023
    Ministry of Public Administration and Local Self-Government (MPALSG)
    Implemented by
    Ecorys South East Europe in consortium with VNG International, NALED, ECG and SVA